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The Company

The Process

With over 13 years of experience working in all areas of film/television & digital media  production between Los Angeles & New York, creator Derrell Whitt has structured a reel production format which provides clients the experience and benefit of working with, and being in the face of working industry professionals who will have mutual access to new talent, as well as all parties making endless and crucial connections to fellow working professionals which will be essential to their intention to thrive in this industry and bring to life their personal visions and ideas. Clients are provided with a professional set experience to complete their reel from scratch – to the finish line. With an array, and roulette wheel of accomplished, award winning, and or working talented crew members: all who see to making your vision come to life using all of their attention, passion and detail…we hope you choose Reel Roll.

What Clients Receive

**All duties regarding positions listed below will be executed by industry professionals who have prominent film or television accomplishments, accolades & or experience.

Writer (works with client to create 5 minute scene for individual’s Reel {genre of choice} from scratch)

Director   (frames client’s original concept and guides them on set to give best performance)

Sound Mixer (provides crisp , cinema-quality sound for your production)

Make Up Artist (helps to ensure you have cinema-quality “ready to go ” looks for your particular scene creation)

Cinematographer (works in collaboration with Director to capture the essence & sentiment of your vision)

Editor (works diligently to provide you with a rough cut of your scene – then client works with Editor directly to complete their scene)

See you on Set!